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Seine Floats

Seine Floats

North Island Rockpro was the General Contractor in charge of rebuilding the Seine Floats in Port Hardy, British Columbia.

This million and a half dollar project was funded by the District of Port Hardy and needed to address a wide range of local uses. The entire shoreline was reconstructed to properly support the surrounding area. A scenic day use park and pathway was incorporated as well as washroom facilities.

The area also serves as short and long term parking for fishermen and boaters. A substantial amount of drilling and blasting were required to provide better access to the facility. North Island Rockpro as General Contractor for the site organized the completion of all aspects including landscaping and paving. All the infrastructure was upgraded during this process to better supply the facilities with water and other utilities such as sewer.

Port Hardy, British Columbia
District of Port Hardy
Year of Completion:
General Contractor (Surveys, excavation, blasting and drilling, aggregate, compacting and grading, culverts, drainage, sewer, water, paving, landscaping, building construction, trucking material and equipment to and from the site.)

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