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Laydown Yards for Vestas

lay down yard 1

Built as transfer stations for transporting massive wind turbines on route to the Cape Scott Wind Farm.

Two laydown yards were needed to manage and organize the fragile freight being delivered to the wind farm site for final installation. We cleared the land and prepared the two sites to the precise grade and specifications necessary for laying down the over dimensional loads safely. A perfectly level site with effective drainage was necessary to maintain the grade while loading, unloading and storing the windmill components.

The East Laydown Yard is two acres and the West site is five areas. Multiple access points and security fencing finished the projects. The Cape Scott Wind Farm is soon to be operational and North Island Rockpro is proud to be part of this enormous project.

Location: Port Hardy
Year of Completion:
General Contractor (Surveys, logging, excavation, debris removal, aggregate supply, compacting and grading, trucking material and equipment on and off the site, security fencing.)


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