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Road Construction for Probyn Log Ltd

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Logging road construction for Probyn Log Ltd completed by North Island Rockpro.

Construction, maintenance and repair for numerous logging roads on northern Vancouver Island. This ongoing work includes bridge building and repair and culvert installation and replacement. Rockpro is also responsible for deactivating and reactivating logging roads.

We build and maintain roads at Georgie Lake, Ronning Main, SanJo Main, Raft Main and MackJack Main, located north west of Port Hardy. Rockpro ensures that each road is built with our high standards and has the solid surface necessary for the heavy logging trucks that drive these roads daily.

North west of Port Hardy, British Columbia
Probyn Log Ltd
Year of Completion:
Ongoing Contract
General Contractor (excavation, blasting and drilling, aggregate, compacting and grading, ditches and culverts, bridge repair and replacement, trucking material and equipment to and from the site.)

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atluck lake roadatluck lake road