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Holberg Road Upgrade

road building holberg

North Island Rockpro completed the upgrade of Holberg Road to ensure safe passage for all windmill components headed for the Cape Scott Wind Farm.

In order to accommodate the large and heavy loads, corners were widened and vertical curves were reduced. Trees were removed as necessary as well as brush out areas to allow clearance for the fragile freight.

As the General Contractor for the project, all aspects of construction were completed. North Island Rockpro was also responsible for constructing two Lay Down Yards for organizing the transportation of the components for the final leg of the journey to the Wind Farm.

Between Port Hardy and the Cape Scott Wind Farm
Year of Completion:
General Contractor (excavation, blasting and drilling, aggregate, compacting and grading, ditches and culverts, trucking material and equipment to and from the site.)

road building near Holbergholberg road upgrade